Changes to awards in the building and construction industry to take effect from 1 July 2020

The Fair Work Commission as part of its 4-yearly review of modern awards has recently made substantive changes to three awards in the building and construction industry.  The changes to the Awards came into effect from the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 July 2020.

Building and Construction General On-site Award

  • Clause 21.1 – to simplify wages, removing several special rates and allowances and increasing the industry allowance
  • Clause 36.17 – introducing time off in lieu of overtime
  • Clause 34.1 – introduction of an early morning shift
  • Clause 25.4 – variation to living away from home – distant work arrangements
  • Clause 25.1 – updating fares and travel pattern allowance
  • Clause 43.2 – altering the rates for forepersons and supervisors
  • Clause 38.2 – annual leave loading to be calculated on an employee’s ordinary hourly rate

Joinery and Building Trades Award

  • Clause 24.5 – updating the transfers, travelling and working away from the usual pace of work provision
  • Clause 30.9 – introducing time off in lieu of overtime
  • Clause 31.1 – introducing the opportunity for employers and a majority of their employees to agree on changing ordinary hours of work and rostering, breaks and overtime

Mobile Crane Hiring Award

  • Clause 14.3(e) – clarification of the accommodation and overnight allowance payable.

For a complete outline of the changes to these Awards, Aitken Legal recommends employers seek advice from one of our employment lawyers or review their relevant Award on the Fair Work Commission’s website here.

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