Update on FWC’s 4-Yearly Modern Awards Review

The FWC’s 4-yearly review of Modern Awards has been lengthy and comprehensive requiring awards to be split into various groups (tranches).  Generally, most of the Tranche 1, 2 and 3 awards came into operation on various dates between 4 February and 26 December 2020.  A complete list of operative dates for Modern Awards already finalised can be accessed here.

As the FWC’s review process draws closer to completion, the following tranche 3 Modern Awards that were further categorised have been finalised and come into operation of the following dates:

Tranche 3 (Category 3) – Operative – 1 February 2021

  • Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Associated Industries Award

Tranche 3 – (Category 4) – Operative – 1 March 2021

  • Building and Construction General On-site Award
  • Joinery and Building Trades Award
  • Mobile Crane Hiring Award
  • Plumbing and Fire Sprinklers Award

There are however, a number of industry specific awards, yet to be finalised as follows:

  • aged care
  • black coal mining
  • hair and beauty
  • children services
  • community services
  • fast food and
  • nursing industry

The FWC’s 4-yearly review process has meant many Modern Awards have been extensively varied, Aitken Legal strongly recommends that employers take time to review and monitor the award/s relevant to their business to ensure compliance.

If you require assistance with determining award coverage and/or with ensuring compliance with an award, please contact one of our specialist employment lawyers.

Disclaimer: The information contained this article is general and intended as a guide only. Professional advice should be sought before applying any of the information to particular circumstances. While every reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of this update, Aitken Legal does not accept liability for any errors it may contain. Liability limited by a scheme approved under professional standards legislation.